Starbucks Expands Its Use of Renewable Energy

Starbucks Expands Its Use of Renewable Energy

Starbucks, the coffee giant company, has reaffirmed its commitment towards a planet-positive future by reducing waste, water, and carbon footprints by half. This is part of the company’s goals up to 2030.

More than 9,000 of its stores throughout EMEA, Canada, and the US have been utilizing 100 percent renewable energy sources since 2015. It has now expanded the project throughout its stores in the US to support green energy’s rapid growth.

The company has announced related investments, which include the following:

  • Starbucks helped finance the development of a new wind power project in Southwestern Washington. The facility, capable of 137-MW, has supplied about 140 Starbucks stores with renewable energy and its Kent Roasting Plant. It also provides renewable energy to many communities in Washington.
  • The company has invested about $97 million in 23 New York community solar projects. This aims to provide solar energy to some of the community subscribers and all the Starbucks stores.
  • It has announced its intention to offset half of its electricity consumption in the US by 2022 through a solar farm in Virginia.

These steps made by this big company hopes to inspire other companies to follow suit. In the meantime, it continues to invest in energy storage to boost the value of the renewable energy sources its stores and plants are currently using.

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