Ways to Use Solar Lights to Brighten Up Your Garden

Ways to Use Solar Lights to Brighten Up Your Garden

Even though solar power is renewable and easily accessible, less than 2% of this energy is consumed in the world. Therefore, installing solar lights in your garden is one great way to take advantage of this solar power and save the environment. Solar lights greatly benefit garden landscaping because they are flexible in designing gardens.

Hanging solar-powered lanterns or installing solar step lights will brighten up your garden at night. They harness power from solar panels that have single or multiple rechargeable batteries. Continue reading to know ways on how to lighten up garden with solar lights.

Install Solar Light Paths

Solar path lights are perfect for illuminating your garden paths or walkways. You can also use them for aesthetics and safety purposes. You can choose to hang solar light paths on hooks to light up your garden path or use stakes to install them on the ground.

Just ensure to position them correctly, particularly in a sunny spot. This way, they can provide adequate lighting at night.

Hang Solar-Powered String Lights

If you want to change the ambiance of your garden, solar-powered string lights will be most ideal. You can hang the string lights across the fence or patio and even use them during outdoor parties to give an exceptional glow. Plus, you can save a considerable amount on electrical bills and you won’t have to deal with tangled extension cords.

Install Foundation Stakes

When you install your solar lights in the ground, you can hammer or push the foundation stakes for support. When you want to hammer the stakes, it is advisable to use a rubber mallet since it is less likely to damage your lights.

You also need to ensure that the foundation stakes are positioned at the same distance in the ground. If not, your garden solar lights will have a different height.

Put Up Light Posts

There are some solar lights produced that have stakes with light component attachment and the rest are separate. If you have lights separated from the post, you can secure the light attachment to the stake by attaching them.

You just need to remember that wherever you position the light component should have enough exposure to ample sunlight so that your solar lights can operate properly. As mentioned, many solar lights need 8 hours of direct sunlight to provide enough brightness throughout the night.

How to Get the Most of Solar Lights in your Garden

For maximum gain of your solar lights, there are things that you need to keep in mind. They include:

Position Your Solar Lights Properly

Solar lights have solar panels installed on top. Although your area and the weather contribute to the efficiency of the solar panels, there are some steps that you can do to ensure that your solar lights perform better. Generally, solar panels get fully charged when positioned where they get 8 hours of continuous sunlight.

You must also pay attention to any walls, trees, or roofs that can block the solar panels. These can cause a decrease in energy output. Besides, you may want to tilt some of your solar lights such as solar power lights or security solar lights in your garden to maximize the sunlight with the panels facing south. Before installing these lights, it would be best to put a marker where you plan to install the lights so that they are properly balanced in your garden landscape.

Charging Time

After purchasing your garden solar lights, do not install them right away. It would be best to charge them first. You can do this by making them completely exposed to sunlight for about 5 cycles to 10 hours. The aim here is to fully charge the batteries. After this, your solar lights can last for around a minimum of 8 hours.

Correctly Position Remote Solar Panels

You can also install remote solar panels if your solar garden lights do not have access to the needed amount of direct sunlight. You can attach the remote solar panel to the solar light using a wire.

The small panel can be installed in an area where there is a good source of sunlight. Using remote solar panels ensures that shaded areas are illuminated. Therefore, these panels can help in maintaining the design and brightness of the solar lights in your garden.

Ensure That Your Lights are Clean

You have to make sure that debris does not collect on the solar panels of your solar lights. When there is dirt accumulating in the solar panels, the battery will not be fully charged. The battery life will be short and the lights may not function well. You ought to make sure to clean the solar panels properly so that you can ensure that your garden is well-lit.

You can sprinkle the solar panels with warm water and soap and rub them off using a clean cloth. You should also clean snow from the panels during winter. Every 2 years, it is recommended to change the batteries to ensure maximum capacity.


There is no doubt that you can save a lot of money and energy when you use solar lights in your garden. With solar garden lighting, you can illuminate your garden most cost-effectively and efficiently. Use the above tips on how to lighten up garden with solar lights to create a beautiful and better-lit garden.

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