The Four Technologies Initiating Change in Solar Inspection

The Four Technologies Initiating Change in Solar Inspection

Inspecting solar fields is an essential part of solar power utilization and ensures optimal output. The challenge is now being addressed through the use of the following technological innovations:

1. Drones

The use of semi-autonomous drones increases the efficiency of solar field inspection. This is also safer than the traditional way of using hand-held cameras operated by field engineers. The drones come up with better reporting and improved data.

2. RGB Imagery

This technology allows a person to see what’s happening in the solar field by using visible light data. This way, the people doing the inspections can spot more issues than thermal problems. They can detect if there are problems with the vegetation or compromised areas in the fencing perimeter.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can utilize contextual details from the data gathered to forecast problems before they happen. The algorithms used by the AI can be set to recognize the solar field’s slope orientations and relative ground elevation. As a result, premature erosion points can be detected so that actions could be implemented before the actual problem.

4. 5G

The network is faster than 4G, giving way for non-stop monitoring and seeding of the gathered data to the cloud from your hardware. This makes it easier to access the data, analyze, and plan for the next actions.

It is expected that more technological advancements will be introduced in the coming years. This will make it possible for more solar energy producers to maximize their potentials and benefits.

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